Fielder can be installed as standard WordPress plugin or Composer package. This documentation will guide you through entire process for the both cases.

Requiring package

Via Assely Installer

Change directory to the wp-content/plugins and run assely fetch:fielder. This command will download lastest release of the Fielder to current directory and resolve its composer dependences for you.

cd wp-content/plugins

assely fetch:fielder

Via Composer

You have to require Fielder package. Add assely/fielder to your composer.json file or run command:

composer require assely/fielder

Activating plugin

Now, we have Fielder plugin pulled in, but it's inactive. Go to the "Plugins" dashboard and click activate. As always, you may also use WP-CLI:

wp plugin activate assely-fielder

Registering Provider

Open config/app.php and, within the providers array, add FielderServiceProvider.

'providers' => [
    // ...other providers


Registering Facade alias

The last thing, register Field facade. Inside config/app.php in aliases array add:

'aliases' => [
    // ...other aliases

    'Field' => 'Assely\Fielder\Support\Facades\Field'