As same as a standard theme, we need to fill theme information inside style.css file. All necessary guides you will find in Codex.

Config files

All application configs are located inside config directory. Every option has a short description, scan this files in order to know what each does.

Theme Support Options

We enabled most common theme supports for you in app\Providers\AppServiceProvider class and addSupport method. However, feel free to add your own entries there.

To enable an additional option, simply add a new position to the array where the key is option slug and value is option argument.

protected function addSupport()
        'title-tag' => true,


Along with styles.css, there is also standard screenshot.png image. Change it if you want a custom theme thumbnail.

Additional Informations


All Assely framework custom fields are extracted into own separated plugin called Fielder. In order to be able to add custom fields (highly likely, yes) you need to pull in this plugin too. Read more in fielder docs.